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Important message for any teams using Jira

We’re excited to announce that TestRail 6.3 will be released this Sunday, 14 June 2020!

TestRail 6.3 will deliver enhancements to the TestRail for Jira plugin along with a number of other improvements and bug fixes. An official release announcement will be posted on Sunday with more details.

If you use Jira Server or Jira Data Center, please enable automatic updates for your Jira add-ons before the end of this week to avoid any potential service interruptions. Older versions of the TestRail for Jira plugin will not work with TestRail 6.3.

(If you do not wish to enable automatic updates, you can also manually update your TestRail for Jira app after the release. For more information about how to update your Jira apps and add-ons, check out Atlassian’s instructions here.)

Jira Cloud customers will also need to update their plugin version. If you are a Jira administrator, you can do so by navigating to the App Management area of your Jira instance, expanding the TestRail for JIRA Test Management app, and clicking on the Update button.

If you do not update the plugin in your Jira Cloud or Server/Data Center instance, the plugin will not operate correctly and you will see “Missing project ID” errors when attempting to create test cases from Jira, for example.

We strongly recommend you carry out the necessary actions described above, in order to benefit from the TestRail 6.3 improvements! :slight_smile:

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Is the new 6.3 Jira add-in backward compatible? ie will it work with multiple Testrail 6.2 for example?

Thx! We’ve been waiting for this feature for 2 years - woohoo, we can now roll out to the whole company!

Hi @RogerO,

That’s a great question! Yes, the add-on will be backwards compatible with previous versions of TestRail. Anyone using TestRail Server who does not wish to immediately upgrade to 6.3 does not need to do so.

However, TestRail Cloud customers will automatically be updated to TestRail 6.3 this weekend, so TestRail Cloud customers using Jira Server or Data Center will need to update the add-on asap.


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I am really curious of what’s coming up! Hype train is on :slight_smile:

Hello all,

This post has been updated. It has come to our attention Jira Cloud administrators will also need to update the TestRail for Jira add-on. This add-on will not be automatically updated.