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Import test results with CSV file



We are planning to move from Zephyr/Jira to TestRail/Jira and we have a bunch of completed test cases however we haven’t found a way to import the test case result (fail/pass/etc) to TestRail. Is there something that we are missing? Is this possible with a CSV file or do we need to do this in a different way?



Hi Morgan,

Thanks for your posting! The CSV or XML imports are available for test cases:

Importing old test results is not directly possible via CSV or XML but it’s always an option to use TestRail’s API in this case:

The workflow would be to import your cases first and then add previous runs/results via TestRail’s add_run and add_result API methods. Happy to provide additional details if this would be an option.



Is there any update to this solution? User base wants to export test run to CSV, enter results into actual results column, status column and import using GUI, not (rest) API.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for your reply! Currently it’s still only supported to add results manually via the UI, or via TestRail’s API, and it wouldn’t be possible to import via CSV/XML at the moment. We’re happy to review this for a future update though. As an alternative, it’s also possible to build your own custom solution that would allow importing and parsing a CSV file outside of TestRail, that could then upload the results via TestRail’s API, however this would take some development work on your end as we don’t have any examples we can provide for this type of script. Hope this helps!



Hi, Did you add previous runs/results via TestRail’s add_run and add_result API methods? Please share you experience with us or if any other information that could help us. I am going to do same in my project.

Cheers, Sarah