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Import test results in UI - is this a feature now?

Hi there! I’ve searched for my answer, but could not find it with accuracy.

I’d like to export test cases with the hierarchy, enter results in an actual column, and then import the test results in the UI, not API. Some testers like to track using a spreadsheet or hard copy.

  1. How to export test cases with a hierarchical view, as shown in the Sections view? Like the below:

This allows the tester to easily view their test cases and context.

Once tester enters pass/fail on a separate column in the spreadsheet…
2) How can I import the results to those test cases, as pass/fail, etc…?


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Hi Elva,

Thanks for the post! It’s not currently possible to import results from a spreadsheet or other file via the UI. Generally we would recommend using the UI of the system to go through your test execution rather than a spreadsheet directly, as this will better maintain accurate timestamps and ensure all required data points are present, while providing all context to the tester as needed.

There also wouldn’t be a way to reformat the export to include sections as in your example. The system is designed to export only the test cases, with one individual test per row, and currently there wouldn’t be a way to set it up to include the section in a separate header row.

I hope that clarifies things!

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Thanks Jacob for your response. It’s unfortunate, but that clears it up!