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Import test cases with wildcard of separeted steps


Hi all,
I need some advice in case of easy adding a lot of tests for web-pages. One of main type of our products is web-interface development. The process is based on per pages development and testing. So, the main type of test-plans is test-cases with hierarchy structure included menu tree and the lowest lewel is one page(In TestRail terminology - test-case). Every case in this plan including few separated steps which are the same from project to project.
So, the question to find ability to add such test-plan for new project with new hierarchy and test-case names(because every project has own menu tree and pages). For new project customers usually provides excel file with menu tree and page names.

I have tried to use import from csv format for this case, but stacked with correct adding of separated steps. In my case all steps were added to first separated step. To divide them I have to divide steps to different rows in csv. But it is very complicated, because to every test-case should exists in csv for every step and I can not found easy solution to do this.

Could you provide me some options for this task except manually copy/paste cases in TestRail and correcting names of sections and cases?


Hi Sergey,

Thanks for your post! You can organize your hierarchy using TestRail’s sections and subsections, and you can even accomplish this during a CSV import. You would just add all of your sections in a single column and separate sections and subsections with the greater-than character (>) as follows:

Top Section > Sub Section #1 > Sub Section #2

You would then need to just map this column to the ‘Section’ field during import. To import separate steps, you would need to ensure that each step is on its own row in the CSV as you mentioned. You could even look into Excel’s split cell features to help with separating these out into multiple rows with the least amount of work. Once these are separated into multiple rows, this would allow you to import using the ‘Test Case (Steps)’ template, and they would be imported as separate numbered steps automatically.

Hope this helps!



Thank you Marco,
I have managed to import plan according your advices. Probably some functionality could be add to the TestRail in the future to make such import easier. Because it is something complicated now. I need to copy/paste N times every raw in CSV to receive correct step structure. And there is no simple ability to create exactly amount of copies in CSV(at least I did not find it).


Hi Sergey,

Thank you for the follow up post. For each individual test case, you would need to have a separate entry in your CSV. TestRail would also pay attention to your CSV structure in terms of steps. You can specify how TestRail should separate these steps as well based on your CSV structure.

Attached you will find a sample CSV that includes steps.