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Import test cases with the steps in different lines


Hi Guys,

I was working before with Excel and now i want to import all the test cases into Test rail. My problem is because I have all the steps and expected results in different lines.

Example with test data:

NS_001;test the test;;;;;;;
Preconditions;Log in with a user with at least the Administator rights ;;;Configuration;1,4;;;
Tested in version: ;;;;;;;;
Step 1;In the launcher. Go to test;;the last option of the context menu is the ‘test’; PASS;;;;
Step 2;Open the ‘test’;;The ‘test’ is opened without errors ; PASS;;;;

Some of you know how can i import this?



Hi Antonio,

Thank you for your post. TestRail would be able to use your expected results and steps even if they are on the same line (row) in your CSV/Excel file. You would simply want to make sure that the column names were something meaningful. i.e., Steps, Expected Results, etc.

If you take a look at the following Github repository, you can see an example CSV that will show you how steps and expected results can be used in an import file: