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Import test cases via CSV into existing sub-sections


Hi, there might be other threads on this but the ones I’ve read are at least 18 months old.

I have a TestRail project that already has plenty of sections and sub sections established and I want to import test cases via CSV into the sub-sections. Is this possible?

The import wizard includes a Section drop down displaying the sections and sub-sections pertaining to my project, which gives me hope. Is it therefore clever enough to accept values for existing sub sections using ‘Section A > sub-section B’ values in the CSV against each test?


Hi Simien,

Thank you for your post. Importing to an existing section is not directly possible (the import would always create new sections) but you can simply rearrange your cases via drag & drop after the import. You can drag & drop cases in the tables on the left or also drop them to a section in the sidebar tree.