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Import Test cases from TFS

Hi, we are going to use TestRail instead of TFS, but is there a way to import the existing test cases from TFS to TestRail?

Hello Dorthe,

Thank you for posting and for the feedback, we’re happy to hear that you have decided to use TestRail! While we don’t have a specific script for migrating test cases from TFS, we would generally recommend using the CSV import tool in TestRail to help move test cases from other tools to TestRail. The CSV import wizard is very flexible, allowing you to map your CSV columns/fields to TestRail’s fields easily during the import process. There isn’t a specific column template/format required for the import wizard, so you would just export your test cases from TFS into CSV format, and you can then import them into TestRail. If you haven’t already done so, I would recommend reviewing our CSV Import documentation here:

I hope this helps!