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Import Test Case Including Steps & Expected Results


I am working on two very similar apps for a dashboard. Test cases (including Steps & Expected Results) are mostly similar except name of the apps. I need to import written test case for another app including written test steps and expected result and hen export to the new app (both are in same Test Suite). Else, I will have to write the whole stuff again, complete waste of time. Any solution there?

Hey there,

Thanks for the post! There are a few ways to duplicate test cases (including all steps, expected results, and other field details). If the intended duplicates are in the same project (or test suite if they are active within your project) you can check the boxes for all the test cases you’d like to duplicate, then you can drag and drop them to a different area of the project by grabbing them on the left side of the checkbox. When you release them, you can choose whether to move the test cases there, or copy them, effectively duplicating them in the new location.

If you’re wanting to copy the test cases to a new project or test suite, you can click the copy/move test cases icon (the one that looks like two sheets of paper) in the top menu of the destination where you’d like the test cases to appear. You’ll see a pop-up menu that will allow you to select the source project/test-suite that you’d like to copy the test cases from in a drop down menu, then all the test cases will populate, allowing you to select individual cases or sections to copy to the new test suite.

If you’re wanting to copy test cases to an entirely separate TestRail installation, you can use the export/import option to export an XML or CSV file, which you can then import into the new location.

I hope that helps!