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Import jira issues in bulk


Hi All,

I’m pretty much stuck … My boss asked me to make a study about testrail … Atm we use Jira for our development. As a tester I test their Jira tickets, but we want to start using Testrail for the test management. (untill now there was NO tester, I’m the first, the developers tested their own stuff…).

Because everything is in Jira/Confluence I wondered if I couldn’t just import all the existing issues from this sprint but this seems to be something impossible?
I have read several topics varying from excel to csv to regkey that need to be edited??? Never a recent topic (all before 2017) and never a good explaination what to do…

So please, can someone tell me how I could import all the Jira issues, if that is not possible what else can i do? I’m not going to retype all the issues/ stories/epics/…

The POC is only a success if I can show them that it’s easy to use… Analists make the stories that are put in the backlog in jira & everytime a sprint is made, the issues in it are easely ‘copied’ into Testrail…

Please someone???

thnx in advance!

Kind regards,



I don’t use Jira but from what I do know about it - Jira is a development and bug tracking system. Test Rail is not a development/bug tracker but a repository for tests to run against Jira development/bug items.

Test Rail would have all of the tests to run for a project and any failure would be linked to Jira via integration in Test Rail. With full integration a test manager or project manager/QA decides what test cases in Test Rail to run for items in Jira that are set to QA. After the test case is tested and Test Rail is updated with a result then the Jira item can be updated via an API.

In short - Jira holds the development/bug information, Test Rail has how to test a system - they do separate and different things.