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Import from CSV - Default load mapping configuration file


Hi GurockSoftware,

Is there a way to set a default load mapping configuration file (.cfg), to be used when you are importing test cases from CSV, instead of having to load one every time?

import CSV image link


Kind Regards,
Pedro Almeida


Hello Pedro,

Thanks for your posting. You can download such a mapping/configuration file on the last wizard step (the success page) for future imports. The next version of TestRail (4.2) will display the file download more prominently. It’s currently not supported to automatically use the same mapping/configuration every time (you would need to upload it) but I’ve just added this to our feature request list, thanks!



Hello Tobias,

I have my Test cases in Excel format and want to Import to Testrail for first time. The problem i am facing as i dont have “Load mapping configuration file”, when i upload it as “Configure New mapping”, its messed up.

Can you suggest for first time user to import CSV file how to do that. I refereed Testrail Help video, it does tell for first time users.

Appreciate for quick help.



I think you will get a quicker answer if you email the Gurock support team directly.