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Import Excel file with Unicode characters


We are trying to import excel file with Unicode characters but unable to do so because when we are converting this excel file to .csv, Unicode characters are lost.

Could you help us and show the right way to import excel file with Unicode characters?

thank you in advance


Hey Nino,

Excel often detects Unicode automatically but sometimes it’s necessary to tell Excel to use the correct encoding. This works as follows:

(see the first answer)

Let me know if this helps !


Hi Shanu,

How it’s possible to import excel document in TestRail?

I tried it on Trial version (please see the pic)

How does your csv looks like?
I cant imagine your file consist of one field / column only?

Did you check this ghelp:

Yes, I’ve already seen this link but problem is related to convert excel to csv


OK, which delimiter is used in the csv and/or for the import in TestRail?
Is it really both the same?