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Import does not import all fields



I wanted to export existing test cases from my hosted TestRail to the Gurock free hosted instance for the purpose of a demo. But I’m finding that the import, imported the title, type, priority, estimate but fail to import the following:
expected result
even though the data is in the xml file

Going from
version 1.1.0 to 1.3.0


Same thing happened for us; it really would be nice to not have to re-enter those fields.

If you’re like us, we were only filling in a few test suites pending approval to purchase the full version. (So, we didn’t have too much to re-enter.)




Thanks for your message. We have converted the three fields ‘preconditions’. ‘steps’ and ‘expected results’ to custom fields in TestRail 1.3 to make the forms more flexible so that you can customize them with the new version.

This means that these fields are now included in the tag in the XML file, so the data is still there, just in a slightly different format (we don’t usually introduce such breaking changes, but we had to do it in this rare case).

To resolve this, there are two easy ways to do it:

]Make sure that you export the data from an 1.3 installation if you want to import it into a 1.3 system. Exported files from TestRail 1.3 will work as usual. If you have a hosted trial and want to upgrade to 1.3, feel free to email us and we will update your trial. If you have a local trial installation, also feel free to email us and we will provide you with the upgrade instructions.[/]
]Alternatively we can also convert your exported data files to the new format. If you want us to covert he files, please just email us the exported files to contact (at)[/*]

Regarding the milestone: we haven’t changed this field, so it should import correctly. Please note that you need to create a milestone with the same name before importing the cases, as the milestones are not automatically created.



Please note that we can also export your full trial data for you (the entire database) if you are on a hosted trial. Just let us know in case you want to do this.



Something new, but related:

When you import a test suite that has sections with only other sections (no test cases), the section headers get dropped.

We sometimes use such “empty” sections as headers/subheaders and so it’s important they survive the import process.

This also happens when copying/moving sections from one suite to another.


Original Suite

Section Name A
Subsection name X
test 1
test 2
Section Name B
test 3
test 4

Imports/Copies As

Subsection Name X
test 1
test 2
Section Name B
test 3
test 4


Hello Daryl,

Empty sections are currently not included in the Copy/Move feature. The Copy/Move dialog only copies/moves test cases and optionally includes their sections (as opposed to copying sections and test cases). So, sections without test cases are ignored. This is by design actually, but we may change this feature to also include empty sections in the future.

The import feature should work with empty sections actually. Which TestRail version do you use? I’ve created a test import file and this file imports correctly with the latest TestRail versions (2.0 and 2.0.1):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <suite> <id>S31</id> <name>Empty</name> <description></description> <sections> <section> <name>Section 0</name> <sections> <section> <name>Section 1</name> </section> </sections> </section> </sections> </suite>