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Import CSV with prefilling defects and other



  1. I’m looking to import defects from Jira and when reaching the map columns & row layout the Defects column is not present in the TestRail Field.

Basically what i’m trying to do is assign the following mapping

From Jira to Testrail:
Key > Defects
Summary > Title
Reporter > Assigned to

The purpose for this is that in qc during retests we are getting hundred of resolved jira id’s per day and excel is a nuisance to keep track of a large team.

  1. Considering that the mentioned mapping is working or the result can be achieved through other methods, is it also possible to autocomplete Jira when selecting a TestRail case status ? For example if a user selects Passed in TR for a Resolved Jira issue it will switch to Verified, if he selects Failed the Jira id will reopen.



Hi Ciprian,

Thanks for your posting! The Defects field is a field on the test/test results level and the corresponding field on the test case level is called References. We recommend using the built-in References field to map JIRA issues to test cases in TestRail and Defects to tests & test results. The References field was specifically designed to link user stories/requirements or other externally stored items to test cases in TestRail and TestRail offers several reports to make it easy to generate the case coverage or show results for your JIRA issues over time.

You might also found our new JIRA integration useful which shows test cases and results of TestRail directly in JIRA:

Regarding the status changes: TestRail currently does not change the JIRA issue status automatically when you pass a test because we found that teams often prefer to do this manually (and add a small comment or change another field in the same step, for example). But we are happy to add this to our feature request list and look into this for a future version. If you manage your JIRA issues/bugs via the Defects field, you can simply open the JIRA issue(s) in JIRA by clicking on the JIRA issue IDs.