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Import CSV Columns mapping

I made export of all test cases in a project to CSV, and then I try to import the test cases into another project.
When using the import wizard, in step 2, I don’t see on TestRail field all the columns that I’ve in CSV.
For instance, look the following snapshot.

How should I import all columns ?

I’m using TestRail v6.1.1.1020


Hi @Leonardo,
without going through all the fields, one first point: Do you for example expect to import the fields for Created By and Created On?

This won’t work, because these fields are maintained by the system internally. By this, importing a case is the same like to create it by using a different way. The values will be added by TestRail, meanst you can’t import the former creator.


Hi @kwirth ,

I found that is much more easy to export the test cases in XML format, and import them in the the same format.
By this way, it is not required to deal with fields mapping.
Is this method OK as well ? Or I’m missing something ?
As far as I can see, all fields of interest for us has been imported to the new project, excepting the Reference field.


@Leonardo I’m just able to guess a little bit, because there are several reasons possible.

You wrote, you have exported it from one project to load it to another…
If you try to import the exported cases (just to this point of course) to the same project, do you see the fields? Probably the fields are not available in this project. Have you checked this (yeah, sorry for this silly point).?

Expecte result exists twice, one for separated steps and another for the simple version.

Are the fields probably already mapped (out of the image above)?
They will be removed from selection if already mapped.

One point in addition: If you’ve exported cases with separated steps, you shouldn’t expect to get them imported in this way. The export aggregates everythin to one row.

Just a try…