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Import a CSV file error "An error occurred during the last operation or your installation..."

Hi guys,

My company selected to work with Testrail. It’s great. But the CSV import fails and i cannot find a solution in the forum.
How to resolve the issue below?

From my perspective my issue is urgent. We are in a middle of Regression and i’m creating hundreds of testcases step by step which is ridiculous.

Will appreciate your fast response.


Hello Vladimir,

Thank you for the post! This error message would generally indicate that the instance was actually in maintenance mode (we have a daily maintenance period which doesn’t last long depending on your instance’s database size, and we use this window to take our daily backups and upgrades, etc). This message is also served as a general error message for generic client-side errors. If this is happening each time you attempt to import a CSV file and you have waited a few minutes in between attempts, then this is likely a client side issue caused by a browser add-on or similar. Please try importing the CSV file in a different browser with all browser add-ons/extensions disabled. If you are still unsure or are experiencing issues, please email the support team at with your TestRail instance name as well as the approximate date and time (with timezone) that you last attempted to import this file so we can further investigate this issue.

I hope this helps!


Thank you very much.
It appear that we had some security restriction on network level.
Removed - and now is fine.