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Im'm new to Test Rail! Uploading a test Plan

I’m brand new to Test Rail - I cannot seem to get my test plan uploaded. I saved my test plan as a csv file and get the same error mssage when trying to upload “An error occurred during the last operation or your installation is currently in maintenance mode. Please try again or refresh the current page.”
I read the help tips abut a script(?)

Please help!


Hi @marianne,

Thanks for the post! The maintenance mode message in this instance is a somewhat generic error that typically appears if there is a client-side or browser issue occurring. Generally this means that there is something in the browser (usually an add-on, extension, or script) that is conflicting with the TestRail function.

For now, I would recommend trying the import process again using either a different browser, or in an incognito window to see if that helps move forward with your import.

If you continue to have issues with the import please reach out to the support team directly at with any additional details about your installation (Cloud or Server, and if Server what version) as well as screen shots of the error that is appearing and at what point in the import process it shows up and we’ll be happy to assist.

Hope that helps!