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Images not visible when test cases copied from project that you don't have permission


I created a new project for external testers to use which is a copy of a project we use internally. I restricted access to the external testers could not see the other projects. When they log in and view the test cases in the project they have access to they can’t see the images. The only way for them to see them was for me to give them at least read-only access.

I would think when you copy the test cases that the images should be available to that new project


Hi Brian,

Thanks for your posting! Yes, I can confirm this behavior and TestRail wouldn’t copy the images in this case. This only affects embedded images/screenshots and not attachments (which are copied to the project). One option is to reattach the images/screenshots (upload them again), or give read-only access to the original project. It’s already planned to look into this but we would recommend one of the workarounds in the meantime.