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If we edit Test Results, the test case is no longer assigned to us


In the last couple of days, we have found that if we edit a test result, the test case becomes unassigned.

I add a test case to a test run.
I Assign the test case to Me.
I edit a test result…maybe add some text or change a status.
I click Edit Result to save the change.

Has anyone else experienced the same issue?
We are on TestRail Cloud.


Hmm… I saw last week that a test case had become “unassigned”, but no record of any user performing that action in the “log” for the test case. In my case, I had not been editing anything about the test case, but I suppose the user it was assigned to could have been doing so. This would have been in version 5.7.

This is worrisome, for in my experience, if something happens once, it will likely happen again, just a matter of time. Last thing I need is this kind of bug to be concerned about!


It is happening for us all of the time.
I hope that is not going to be the case for you as well!

As long as my team are aware of it, we can deal with it (i.e. re-assign back to ourselves)
It is not the end of the world and it is so much better being able to change the Status of test cases now, but would be good to get it fixed.
Surprised no one else has replied to say they are experiencing the same issue.


There is a known existing issue when editing a test run, see: Assigned to testcases default to Creator daily

I wonder if related.

[Edited when I realised different issue]


Hello all,

Thanks for the post and feedback. There is a currently known issue where editing test results will make unwanted updates to the result, and we’re currently working on a fix that will be released as soon as it’s available. I can’t currently give an expected timeline, but we will make an announcement in the TestRail News section of the forum once is it ready.

@ozaidenvorm_tal This is a bit of a different issue, the above is an issue when editing a full test run, but this is occurring when users are editing the actual test results after they’ve been initially recorded.


@jacob.scott Glad to hear you are working on it. I had it happen 5-7 times last Thursday and Friday. Contact me if you’d like more details on our environment/usage patterns.