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Identify deleted test suite and cases on TestRail Database



Currently we have some custom report to identify list of case doesn’t have specific custom field value against our automation script. This is done directly executing query against TestRail database. Every thing was fine till last week and recently we noticed there was a mismatch between the cases listed on TestRail UI vs database query. After reviewing the query result we came to know that the query was resulting few cases which were delete as part of another test suite and have the same custom field value.

So the question is, how to identify the deleted test suite and cases on database level? I mean which column value will indicate that case /testsuite is marked for deleted.



I believe you need to look at Project_History. That table includes the Project_id, Suite_id, Run_id, and has the Is_deleted fag as well. Via the Suite_id you should be able to find the cases related to the Project.