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Icon Dropdown List, Integrate with JIRA


Good afternoon,

Our company has just installed TestRail and are using it with the JIRA Service Desk help desk system.

My question is:

The company would like a custom field called severity with little icons next to them. This can be done in JIRA as an icon single select field. When trying to integrate this custom field with TestRail, it shows an error. I believe this is because and icon single select filed type isn’t associated in TestRail ( So I have created another custom field (select list) which is supported. I can use a create on transition edit when the ticket is generated in JIRA from TestRail (which copies the selection from the select list to the icon single select list fine). All I need to do now is hide the select list custom field in JIRA and it should work. The problem is, when I do this, I can no longer select an options when pushing the ticket from TestRail to JIRA.

Do you know of another way I can do this? Maybe you could get icon single select fields to work and save me a lot of hassle? :slight_smile:




Hey Graham,

Thank you for the post. As you have noticed when you hide a field in JIRA, TestRail is no longer able to use this field. The way you have configured this is probably going to be the best way to handle this for the time being.

That being said, we would be happy to look into adding this functionality into a future release of TestRail.