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I want to see my pass/fail percentage on a test run/plan based on test steps not test cases. How can I do that


Hello, here is my first question.

I’m new in my company and so far they were creating small test cases under a suite then they are creating test runs. On test run report field - I’m talking about the pie chart above showing the passed/fail/low defect percentage of the test run - the pie chart shows the percentage of the test cases status.

But creating many test case with similar preconditions etc. is so much effort instead I’m planning to integrate some of the related test cases under one test case, where each of them will be different test steps. So here is my question. Can I see the percentage according to status of the each test steps, not status of the test cases?


Hello Andac,

Thanks for your posting! We would recommend keeping/using separate cases in this case and steps are mostly meant for test steps within the same case. Adding cases requires very little effort on the case repository page and you can use the Add Case inline action below a section to add cases very quickly:

(this starts at 2:25)

Our (new) three-pane view for adding results also makes it really easy to add results for your cases and this requires just a 1-2 clicks: