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I want to add more than 12 statuses, can I?


I want to add more statuses in the customize area but not sure I can I have used all 12 spots - can I extend?


Hi Leigh,

TestRail supports up to 12 statuses (5 built-in, 7 custom) and most teams would add just 2-3 custom statuses usually (if at all). Can you let me know which custom statuses you would like to add? In most cases, it’s usually a better idea to use less statuses and record additional context details with custom fields instead.



Hi, I’d also like to be able to add more than 12 Statuses. Is this going to be possible? I need to add a ‘Ready for Test’ status.



Hi Javaria,

Thanks for your posting. You can add up to 7 custom statuses (so 12 in total). If you have/need more than that I would recommend combining a few statuses and/or using custom fields (on the result level, i.e. the Add Result dialog) to add additional context details. Regarding Ready for Test: a test is usually considered ready-for-test by default so this wouldn’t require a separate status usually. You would usually use the Blocked status for the opposite scenario (if a test is blocked/not ready for test and cannot be executed).

I hope this helps!