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I need a reference field for test run same as the reference field in test cases


The reference field in test case is used to reference the story/Enhancement to the test case. While I would not like to reference each bug to a test case, I really need to reference each bug I validate to a test case execution or a test run, so I would like to request if we can add a field same as the reference field to the test run or to the test case during execution only.



Hello Malaeb,

Thanks for your post! We’ve received the request to add a References field on the test run/test level as well before already, and we’re happy to add your vote to this request. We have plans to review this for a future update if this makes sense for most customers, although we don’t have any timeframe/ETA for this yet. In the meantime, you can also look into updated the References field on the test case level to include the new Reference ID when needed. Hope this helps!



Hello Garcia,

Thanks for your reply and adding my vote to the main ticket. Is there a way to increase the priority of this issue? The Reference field is not mandatory and it can be used only by client who needs it and there is no need to wait for most of the clients to ask for. Not having this field is really affecting the process of running our test cases and being able to review our coverage. Adding the tickets to the test case level won’t do the job since the bugs are related to the current run and not to the test case. Adding all these bug to the test case will make the reference field on test case level useless and full of issues IDs.

Thanks again.


This feature will really benefit us as we are also looking to have a reference at the test run level rather than test case level. Please let me know if this feature would be available anytime soon.