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I lost all testrun results on my project

Hi all !

I start work on TestRail 2 months ago. I created a project on form “single repository for all cases”, that’s recommended. I’ve done some testruns since.

Today, I saw another project form : “multiple test suites to manage cases”.
So, I modified my project and reorganized all my test cases.

Only, I lost all testruns results.
Visibly, when I move test cases, testruns are brocken.

Is there a possibility to cancel my actions or restore results ?

Thanks for your answer :slight_smile:


Hi Celine,

Thanks for the post! When tests are moved from one location to another, those tests will be removed from any active and open test runs they are included in. For restoring, we do take daily backups of all TestRail Cloud instances, which can be restored at your request by reaching out to the support team directly at Please note, the restore would be for the full database at the time of the backup, so any data that has been added since that backup would be lost.

If you are on TestRail Server, unfortunately we would not have a way of backing up or restoring that data, and your best bet would be to contact your IT team or Server administrator to see if there are any available backups from prior to the data loss.

Please reach out to us directly if you’d like to set up a restore and we’ll be happy to assist.