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I could not get report via add report button


Every time I try to generate a report via click the “Add report” button, I always got the running report without stopping. I can only get the report via the “Add and View report” button which is in debug mode.

The background task is running definitely. I also try to run the task.php myself but still no luck.

What can I do?


Hello Alston,

Thanks for your email! Are you sure the background task is configured correctly and running? You would be able to verify this by checking the Administration > Overview tab (the Last Run time should be updated every minute if configured correctly). If it looks like this is working and you’re still running into the issue, then it’s also possible that you may be running into your system’s PHP memory limit (as the default memory limit is quite low). I would recommend increasing this and attempting to run the report again to see if you’re able to get this going:

Hope this helps!



Hi Marco,

I am pretty sure that the task is running through the administrator page and I also mentioned that I did telnet into the server and ran the task and did not get the report yet.

And the memory_limit has set to -1 which means no limit.

One thing I can not understand is that I could not get the report done but the debug mode button could.

Please advice.



Hi Alston,

Thank you for the response and screenshot. If you wouldn’t mind sending an email to along with your debug logs, (after attempting to run the report again) we can look into this more for you.



How do I get the log? Thanks.


Hi Alston,

Thanks for your reply! You can enable the debug logs as mentioned on our website here:

You can then reproduce the issue and send us the log file for review. The log file will be located in the log directory you have configured for TestRail. Please note that you’ll need to disable the debug logs after reproducing the issue as these can be quite resource intensive due to the many lines TestRail writes to the logs.



Hi Macro,

Please check the log file in attaches.




Hey Alston,

Thank you for the post. Did you mean to attach something to this forum post or did you send us the log file via email to


Hi Marty,

The log file is in attach.



Where are the attachments? There are no attachments in a forum post so can they assume you sent an email with attachments? They need to know where to look. :slight_smile:


Hi Alston,

Thanks for your reply! Can you please send in the attachment directly via e-mail to and reference this forum post? We can then have a look and investigate the issue via email from there. Looking forward to your email!



Hi Mgarcia,

Already sent to and Marty Lavender already look at it.



Thanks for the update Alston! Just let us know if there’s anything else we can assist with.



I have a same problem (test rail server v5.4.0.3659), can you share solution please
The memory limit is correctly set and no error in log files