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I cannot change main test result status of a previously saved test result


Hi Aleksey,

Thanks for your feedback, that’s appreciated!



+1 point. Please add this feature. Really need


Thanks, Ivan!



Hi guys,

same from our side, would be great within the next release :+1:



It seems that this problem is also true for the general result itself. I notice that my created test results are editable sometimes (text only) and then other times they are not. Is there any reason why the case would no longer be editable? Is it time based?



the time to edit is in the Administration page:


Great. Thanks for the help.


Your welcome…


Please add one more vote!. Is this on the roadmap for a future release as yet?



Please add my vote to this request too.
I also don’t mind if it is limited to specific user types.


Hi Wendy,

I have added your vote.


Hey Navin,

Thank you for your post. I have gone ahead and added a vote for you.


Hi there!

Please add my vote for this one too, we would love to have more flexibility in that aspect.



Hi there!
After receiving a modified sprint, we change the status to Retest, and after doing retesting,depending on the result, should we change the status from Retest to Passed/Failed? Or should we just add images and type text saying test passed/failed but keep status as Retest.


I would like to add my vote to have this functionality changed to edit the status.


I also agree that this updated functionality would be nice!


Same for me. Please add my vote, too.
Is there a date available when this feature is available?


+1 from me too. Is there any update on this feature request at all @tguruck ? The request is 2 years old now


+1 vote.

Not sure if this has been addressed but we are also having issues with it.

In our example, we have testing that is “In Progress” as it needs to run for a few days.
Step 1 - done on day 1
Step 2 - done on day 3

We leave it in progress so we can keep adding screenshots and results when the correct day arrives.
If we need to add new results, we would have to capture the results from day 1 again.

Is there a workaround?



Please add my vote to this request.