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I cannot change main test result status of a previously saved test result


Hi there,

I agree, this should not be read-only when editing. I can understand the argument of preserving test run history and authenticity of results, but I’m looking for something simple for the developers to use without needing to think/spend much time on it. Therefore, I want them to be able to change a run to ‘Dev tested’ from ‘Untested’ as easily as possible.



This also impacts the reporting as it includes previous runs and not just the latest. I updated the ‘Activity’ of my run report to only include certain status’, but when viewed, they are still included.


Hi Fraser,

Thanks for your posting. Yes, we understand that some teams prefer a more flexible/simple approach and it’s already planned to look into this. Thanks for your feedback, happy to add another vote.



Please add a vote from me also, it would make our lives easier


Thanks for your feedback, John!



+1 up vote! :slight_smile: there so many instances of this being needed, that I think it would be a good addition, linked to this feature: Steps results status hierarchies


Thanks for your feedback, Edu :slight_smile:



I like the idea of being able to do this as well pls


Thanks for your feedback, Rachel!



Please add my +1 to this feature too.

I set my Test Case to a status of ‘In Progress’ while I test each step. Once I have tested each step, it would be great to then set the overall status to Passed, rather than adding another Test Result.

This is especially true of when you have many test steps in a Test Case.

At present, I have to create another Test Result and put a note to tell people to check the previous Test Result for details of each test step. The alternative would be copy and pasting in those test step results to the new Test Result which would be a pain, particularly if you have a lot of test steps.

I really like the fact you can setup your Test Cases with test steps and to be able to edit the overall status would be the icing on the cake!


Hi Jarod,

Thanks for your feedback! An alternative would be to set the overall status to Passed when you add the last step and the overall status of test uses the status of the last test result.



Also want setting, allowing to change Test Result status.
Maybe not for all users, but only for some roles.
It’ll very usefull.

Adding new result is not a W/A because it not retrieve old steps statuses and actual results.
And case statuses and Actual results (including attachment) will be distributed in several Test Results.


Hi Aleksey,

Thanks for your feedback, that’s appreciated!



+1 point. Please add this feature. Really need


Thanks, Ivan!



Hi guys,

same from our side, would be great within the next release :+1:



It seems that this problem is also true for the general result itself. I notice that my created test results are editable sometimes (text only) and then other times they are not. Is there any reason why the case would no longer be editable? Is it time based?



the time to edit is in the Administration page:


Great. Thanks for the help.


Your welcome…