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I appreciate TestRail!


I just wanted to take a minute and post about how much I love TestRail compared to the various other solutions I’ve used in the past.

First off, it’s modern. I know this might sound odd, but most of the other solutions I’ve used look like they were made in the late 1990’s, and with technology that really shouldn’t be used by high tech folks. Old java based or strange requirements are common as well, and I’m sure amuse the testers that have to use something crazy to do their day to day work.

Workflow. This is big for me. Many of the other solutions require you to click constantly to file results on multiple items. Or they display one huge browser-crashing screen worth of data, much of it redundant. This has been one of the top complaints from testers I’ve heard as well. TestRail makes this super-easy to do in one screen.

Deep enough without being too deep. Many of the other solutions I’ve used require you to have very rigidly defined structures, or tag things various ways to organize them effectively. One of the challenges with those solutions is that it requires more time to set up the suites and tests cases than you actually spend entering results, and binds someone to a rigid set of tests or flow. TestRail makes it easy to do this by dragging things around, creating new sections, and linking test cases together as well.

There’s a lot more that I love about the tool, and I’m sure others have favorite things. The three above are my top ones for now.

Thanks to Dennis and his group for creating such a great tool. Keep up the good work!


Hello Steve,

Thanks for your feedback and kind words, we really appreciate it! It’s great to hear when customers enjoy using TestRail and the team loves such comments. Thanks again!