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I am having same issue instead of reference I get SIUTE name in bar chars not sure why so


I am having same issue instead of reference I get SIUTE name in bar chars not sure why so

I need to get Jira refrence in the chart and I am using commercial version


Hi Shashank,

TestRail reports are test result/defect based which is why most of the charts do not show references in the manner you are expecting. While the references can be included in many reports, this is typically displayed only has an additional column on the test list, when added.

There is only one builtin report which is references specific. This is the Coverage for References (Cases). If this doesn’t cover the references detail you are looking for please let me know more specifically what it is you’re after and I’ll make additional suggestions.

Also for general knowledge references are created or linked to JIRA issues for test cases. When a test case has been added to a Run or Plan, this now becomes a test. After testing is complete, while recording the results the defect “push” feature is used to record the results back into JIRA. Or linked by entering a JIRA ID in the defect field.


Hi Vtran,

Thanks for your response, my goal is to get defects by reference report this will tell me how broken a requirement is. below is an example.

I have 10 test cases for req1 and 10 for req2
now after execution 2 fails in req1 and I log 2 bugs linked to failure similarly 4 fails in req2 leading to 4 bugs.

now in report get defect by reference(which is a requirement) I should get req1 2 bugs and 20% failure and req2 4 bugs and 40% failure.

This helps me in getting a report of how broken a requirement is