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HTML markup?


Daring Fireball’s Markdown page states:

This doesn’t seem to work when creating a test case. I put the following in my Steps box:


     <td>Data cell</td>

That <i>should</i> be a table.

Instead of a table, I get a literal translation:

Any insights into HTML in test cases?



We disabled HTML support/tags in our Markdown implementation and purposely escape HTML tags. This is mostly for security reasons so that users cannot inject any HTML/Javascript code that shouldn’t be there. We understand that the current free-text fields with Markdown support are not ideal in every case and we are already working on improving this. We are probably reworking the free-text fields when we introduce the custom fields feature that is planned for one of the next versions (maybe with allowing a subset of HTML and/or making the format customizable).



The testRail markdown implementation seems to be very limited and quite buggy (expl: no way to have backtick within a table / no way to escape a pipe within a table cell / not possible to have “code” (open-close backtick) and link mixed together on the same line / …

We are trying to export some narrative (from automated tests in our framework) into testRail - and it seems to become more and more problematic (due to MD).

Is there a way to force using HTML instead ?


Hey Marc,

Thanks for the feedback. Our implementation of markdown is quite robust and works very well for our customers. That being said, as Tobias mentioned previously, HTML is disabled for security reasons. That being the case, there is no way to force HTML usage within TestRail.