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Howto: Retro-creating baselines?



we started with TestRail some while ago and of course at that point we were at one stage of our releases, with previous supported releases etc.

So we have baseline support for our project and currently only Master line for the upcoming release. Now a patch for a previous release shall be issued with test cases for that.

Now I would like to create a “retro-baseline”, which contains only a few selected test cases from the Master line.

Is there a better way than creating a normal baseline with all test cases (as unfortunately I cannot select test cases when creating a baseline) and then manually deleting all non-relevant cases ?

Because with this approach I create a thousand extra cases only for the purpose of deleting them a second later.

The workaround we have is that we have in our Master line sections with the previous version and then creating test runs from this - but this is a really ugly approach I think

Is there any better way to support existing releases ?


Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your posting. Creating a baseline for just a few cases by cloning a baseline and then deleting the cases you don’t need sounds like a good option. Those cases would be deleted physically and they won’t impact TestRail in any way. I agree that a case selection when creating the baseline would be an improvement though if you do this often and we are happy to look into this for a future version, thanks for the suggestion!



Hi Tobias,

If you’re considering this as a future enhancement, please add another vote for me. We do this (baselining) quite often.



Thanks for your feedback, happy to add another vote.