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How would I find Test Cases that have never been executed



We are currently using TestRail and have > 10000 test cases in a suite.

How can I identify test cases that have never been run?

I tried the “Status Tops” report but it only appears to report a count value for the tests that have been run at least once (or have an untested status, which is not the same as my scenario). Also, I tried running the “Comparison for Cases” report but it ran for over 2 hours and I had to stop it.

The question is from a test case management point of view to eliminate obsolete tests.




Does anyone have a chance to look into this?


Hello, anyone???


API would probably be your best bet. Here’s a VERY rough outline:

Do a get_cases to get all of the cases for that suite. You'll need the case IDs.

Use get_runs and/or get_plans to get all of the test runs (and/or test runs in the test plans).
Loop through all of the runs
   Do a get_results_for_run for all of those runs
   Loop through all of results whose status ID is not null
      Do a get_test using the test_id value in the result
      Use the case_id for that test to mark that test as having been run in your list of case IDs

Go through your case IDs to see which ones haven't been run

NOTE: For any of the above API calls only 250 are returned at once. You’ll have to use the offset and limit parameters to get all of them.


Ok, thank you. Unfortunately, I don’t think this will work for us since we have up to 12,000 test cases in a suite.