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How TR stores dates



When writing some queries for statistics I noticed that TR stores dates as either Unix Epoch time or as an int.

Question I have is if the dates will be unified at some point in time or will the Test_Activities.Date field stay as int (storing as YYYYMMDD) and the Cases.created_on continue to be int but with Unix Epoch time?

Not sure what tables use Unix and which use the int with YYYYMMDD format - is there any docs on those tables and which format they use?




Hello Brian,

Thanks for your posting. Almost all dates are stored as Unix time stamp and very few statistic related tables use the YYYYMMDD format:

Please note that we can only support accessing the database directly for read-only queries. Changes are only allowed via the API:

I hope this helps!



Thanks for the table names - wasn’t planning on changing the dates but hoped I could have more standardized queries. )


You are welcome, Brian!