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How to write a new TestRail API in TypeScript



I found testrail api is available in Java, C#, Python etc. I have implemented testrail integration by using node.js by using some npm package like “testrail-promise” which is developed by some other.
Now I want to know, how to develop a new api using typescript


Hello krthknan,

Thank you for posting! It is possible to access TestRail’s API with TypeScript, however we do not have an API binding available for this at this time. To access TestRail’s API with Typescript, you would either need to build your own binding/wrapper or use some third party binding that another user has made in the past. While you may be able to find a TypeScript API binding that is maintained by a third party via a Google search, we would generally recommend using TestRail’s API to integrate your automated tests directly with TestRail.

I hope this helps!