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How to use Test rail for GHERKIN format



I have my test cases in GHERKIN format, what is the best way to use Test rail for that, and additionally track their automation and functionality coverage of that automation.
Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks in advance!.


TR doesn’t provide any BDD friendly APIs - but take a look at how I’ve employed it to automate CI jobs that log against the test case in the test run


Are you uploading the test specification also automatically to TR?


Nope - it’s a canned test case which gets updated with each nightly execution in the test run. The step defs and points of pass/fails are captured in an allure report generated on the CI box and are accessible via the URLs in the results comments.


I see, thanks for sharing.

The screenshot you posted above seems to be from TestRail and it looks like the BDD (Gherkin) style test specification is also in TestRail. Just wondering if this interpretation is correct, and how you keep it in sync with the test code if so?

Allure looks very interesting. Again, thanks for the pointer!


The GHERKIN was hard coded as a test case ahead of time; then the test ID which references this canned test case is also hard coded in the test automation framework. That’s how the automation run knows to update the correct test case in the test run with the relevant test status.