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How to use one test with one set of results in 2 slightly different milestones


I’ve looked through previous discussions and it’s doesn’t look as though you can do this


  • With one test say - Log in successfully (id 101) - I could run it once and use it in 2 Milestones:-

  • Full test run Milestone (id 01) - contains Log in successfully (id 101) same results as Milestone id 02

  • End 2 end test Milestone (id 02) - contains Log in successfully (id 101) same results as Milestone id 01

Reason for doing this is we are running very very very! short of time & we’re trying to provide as much coverage as possible with the time we have left.

Like I said I couldn’t find a way to do this using Milestones or any information saying you could so what options do I have?

I’m thinking report but how do I go about creating one that captures the sub-set of tests that I need to see. The Status changes to me are important & change the structure of the sections would be ideal but only for this report/Milestone.

I’m a newbie to testrail so may I ask for fairly detailed steps as chances are it’s a process I’ve not done before.

Many thanks in advance.



Has this even made it to the list of desired features yet? I also have managed to setup one test plan which should be able to do for several minor milestones. But I’m not going to re-run every test already passing in order to check browser compatibility alone for instance. Right now the only thing I see possible is to copy the same test suites into different test plans, associate them with different milestones, and do crude manual multi-updating of what’s been run in another test plan. Eeck.