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How to use Jira API token for many users?


I have created JIRA API token and installed testrail addon in Jira. Integration is successful.
My question to you is when I add more users to testrail what steps should they follow in order to integrate their account to Jira? Can they use the same API token I created?


Hi Ivy,

Thanks for the post, glad to hear you were able to successfully integrate TestRail with Jira.

An API token for Jira is unique to each Jira user, so each user would need to create his/her own token and set their Jira credentials under ‘My Settings >Settings.’

You can have all Jira users use the same credentials by setting fallback values in the integration, however this would result in all new issues pushed to Jira appearing as if reported by this same user.

If you prefer to have each user submit issues and connect to Jira with their own accounts, individual credentials and API tokens would be needed.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Jon, In the Jira I added my integration key in the Testrail Add-on, is
it enough if one user’s API token/integration key is added in Jira Testrail add-on?

Hi Ivy,

If you set valid API credentials in the integration settings themselves, or as fallback values for user variables, each user would not need his/her own credentials added to TestRail. Link hovering and the push dialog would use the integration credentials if users have not entered their own.

That being said, any defects, bug reports, or other items created using the Push dialog in TestRail will be submitted as created by the same user account in Jira. If this is acceptable for your team, then a single set of credentials would work.


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