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How to use custom Test Case Templates?


So the ability to use custom templates is welcome, but I have 2 questions:

  1. We have a system migrated from 5.0 onward, and we don’t have the new default template types (Steps & Exploratory). How can we add these?

  2. The Test Case Template editing screen is, uh, non-intuitive.

How do I add or remove fields? Or can this only be done when the Template is created?


This is basically a two step thing. You create/remove fields in the Case Fields or Result Fields section and then add/remove them from a template in the Templates section


Hello Fred,

Thanks for your posting! The relationship between templates and fields is configured on the respective field pages. For example, if you want to add a “Test Case (Steps)” template and assign the separated steps field to this template, you can edit the separated steps field as follows (when editing the field):

You can repeat this per template and field as needed.

The field overview on the template form is only to show the fields that apply to this template and the actual configuration is done on the field forms.

It’s also planned to add a migration guide for updated installations and I already documented the process here:

I hope this helps!