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How to use checkbox or drop-down for individual Steps


I would like to know how to make it so i can select either pass or fail for each individual step during a run, WITHOUT having to go into the ‘add result’ modal. I’ve attached a screenshot where I’ve highlighted where the drop-down would be placed for each expected result to set it’s pass/fail state.

I realize that when you click add result it brings up a window where you can add pass/fail/etc… to each step individually, but that does not suit my needs.
What I read on the forum suggests that I can add that same functionality to the test case page, but I cant seem to figure it out



Hi there,

Thanks for the post! Currently there is not a way to add statuses to individual steps or to the full test case outside of the add results dialogue by default. I’d be happy to add an internal request to have the dev team to explore it, but I’d be interested in understanding your use case. The dialogue is there with all of the existing fields for results, including updating the statuses and adding any additional context and would need to be used to record the statuses within the case.I can understand the convenience of being able to add step statuses, but to record the full test result in the quick access view it would require more than just the steps status.

If you can give me additional details on what you’re wanting to accomplish with the status drop-downs there I’ll be happy to pass your feedback along to the development team.



Thanks for responding. Your right, my actual best case scenario would be to be able to select pass or fail for each step and then click a button at the end and load all the values into a add result pane.

The only reason I have is that it would be nice to do it while the steps are being tested on a larger screen than the add result pane. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the quick access view, it could be in the full test case page.

The main reason I am asking is because I worked at a company before that was able to do exactly what I’m describing. I assumed it was a standard part of the system that I just had to flip on, or use the customizations to get working.



Hey there,

Thanks for the reply and additional details! I’ve not seen that particular customization in the past, but if you’ve seen it before it was very likely a result of a custom UI Script that was added to your previous instance. If you’d like to read up on how to set up your own UI Scripts to explore adding that type of option you can check out the guide here:

I appreciate you providing the use case. I’ll pass the feedback along to the development team in an internal request, and we’ll explore adding the ability to quick add step statuses in a future update.