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How to update Test Run, tests with status "Untested"


Hi all,

I have test run with 10 tests with status is “Untested”. I am using “get_results_for_run/957” and its returning nothing using API. But if I go to browser I am seeing all the tests with status “Untesed” .
Can anyone please tell me how to get all the tests in a particular test run with UnTested status? But If I change any test with status anything else like failed,pass etc its giving me only those tests.



@mgarcia can you please help me in above question. I am stuck in there.


Are you using the Status_ID? Or are you trying to filter via the ‘Untested’ string?


what do you mean by suing Status_ID to “Untested” ? Where I am using? I did not get the question. when I do “get_results_for_run/run_id” where that run_id has a the cases which are “Untesed” I am not seeing any test.

I need to get test_ids from that run so I can update the results for each and every test.


I believe you want to use get_tests instead of get_results_for_run.


but my requirement is get Untesed tests from a run and update those using API.



Hi Girija,

Thanks for your post! You can use the get_tests method to retrieve the list of tests in the run with the Untested status using the status_id request filter as mentioned in our documentation:

You can expand the ‘Request filters’ section to view this. By default the Untested status would be ID 3, and you can use this in your request to retrieve the list of tests that are still marked as Untested. Hope this helps!



@mgarcia thanks a lot yes that was what i was looking. thanks a lot for the reply.


Hi all,
Sorry for the topic updating, but when I use the Untested status I get an exception.
I use the add_results_for_cases/ and when I use the status_id for Untested case status I get the following exception "{“error”:“Field :results.status_id uses an invalid status (Untested).”}"
I rechecked this status ID in Administration > Customizations and it has correct id (3)
When I change status ID for a test case from ‘3’ to another one (e.g. passed - 1, failed - 5 or partial -4) - it works. It does not work only with the ‘untested - 3’ status.
Could you please help me to solve this or give some advise.

As a temporary solution, I added new one status - ‘Untested Automation - 6’ and it works for now, but still it would be good to sort it out.