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How to update test cases to test runs inside same test plan entry

We have a scenario where we maintain the different test runs based on different configs under a test plan.

Now that given for a test plan under the test plan entry, i would like to add different test cases dynamically to different test runs (that resides under the same test plan entry)

Tried to use update_plan_entry API which does update of same set of test cases to all the test runs under the a test plan entry. (This is because all the test runs under a test plan entry is same and the API can update only based on ENTRY ID and not the RUN ID)

Also tried update_run API which is applicable only for standalone runs outside the test plan.

Please let me know how to update the test run based on different configs under the same test plan entry using any API?

Is it possible to have an API that will take input as TEST PLAN ID, ENTRY ID and RUN ID as input while updating the run? Or can we write a wrapper above update_run API to make it happen? If so, please let me know the next steps for the same.