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How to structure a heavily fragmented feature base?


This is probably not a TestRail specific question. But as we try to enter the field of testing with TestRail I hope I can get some information here.

First of all, we have a web page with a combined shop. This page is available for 30+ countries. Everything is a custom implementation. Over time a lot of “special cases” were added for several countries. One special setting here, another special setting there. This results in a heavily fragmented feature base depending on settings (flags) over settings.

I’m currently a bit lost in trying to find out how to handle these extra cases. Every time I end up with the conclusion that we have to write test cases for all the special cases. But this does not feel right somehow.Looking for some kind or re-usability here.

Currently, I plan to create a test case for a “default” country that describes the happy path. For every country which deviates (different menu structure, different features, different email, a different result in general) from this path a country-specific test case will be created.

Is there anything related to Baseline and/or Configurations in TestRail that could help to limit this pain?

Newbie to Testing here. So any pointer on how to solve this problem would be appreciated. :slight_smile: