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How to start: python and testrail API


This question is might be very low level.
My goal is setup testTail API interact with Python scripts;
I’m new to the rest api, so trying to understand the flow:

  1. I’m creating my python scripts for API interaction;
  2. Currently using testrail as a hosted service.
  3. I don’t have much experience using the REST api so need help to understand how does my scripts suppouse to interact with testrail API’s (looks like example on the site using curl framework).

Can you please describe/point me (as a starter) on the flow of current process;
Appreciate this.


Hello Natalia,

Thanks for your posting. Please have a look at our official Python binding for TestRail’s API and an example on how to use it:

Please also make sure to go through the general introduction (which also explains how to enable the API):

I hope this helps and please let us know in case you have any questions!