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How to show testcases allocated to a user?


I have a testrun that has multiple test suites in it.

I have tests in those suites allocated to users/testers.

How can I generate a list of what and how many testcases are allocated to each tester in that testrun?




Hi Hugh,

You can simply use the Results > Property Distribution report from the Reports tab in this case and group by the Assigned To property. You can alternatively also just click on the Assigned To property in the test run(s) and this groups your tests by owner/tester.

I hope this helps!




thanks for the response, but I can’t see '‘assigned to’ as an option; there
created by

I thought workload summary might be the one, but I can’t work out the
combination to let me see the testcases assigned (run and unrun) to a set
of users.



Hi Hugh,

Can you check if you opened the Results > Property Distribution report and not the Cases version?



Hi Tobias,

you were right; however, when I ran it the numbers seem wildly off.

I have a test run with over 1000 testcases, spread over several test
suites; all of them are allocated amongst 5 users.

When I ran this report it showed 4 users (+ ‘others’) and missed about
800 of the testcases; one user was listed as having 198 (which is about
right) but the others were 16, 12, 29, 9 - nowhere near all the testcases
in that run.

There is a note" There are 920 more test runs that are not included." How
do I include them?

All I want to do is show the allocation of testcases in this test run.



Hi Hugh,

Thanks for your reply. You can select the test runs on the Sections & Test Runs tab when creating the report and this includes the 10 latest test runs by default. You can just select a specific test run or increase the limit of 10 runs. There’s also a default limit for the tests but this can be increased as well (on the Tests tab). ‘Others’ would be unassigned tests.