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How to show milestone or test plan result (passed & untested)


is it possible to link result (passed & untested ration) directly from TestRail to Jira?

In Jira (Wiki) I create report page. I want insert in to the page object which will be connected to TestRail (Milestone or Test Plan or Test Suite) and will return value of passed ratio and untested ration. When test run is in progress and changes passed ratio, report in Jira (Wiki) will update when user refresh page.

Thank you for your response.


Hello Ales,

Yes! You can display reports directly in JIRA or Confluence and this works as follows:

On JIRA’s side, you would install our TestRail for JIRA add-on (e.g. the Atlassian Marketplace):

For Confluence, you can simply configure a macro to include pages from TestRail:



Hello Tobias,

thank you very much for your fast & valuable answer!

It is really easy to use IFrame macro (just paste URL) :slightly_smiling:

I have next question.

In Jira exist object Insert JIRA Issue/Filter. You can prepare filter for this object and you will see result in Jira Wiki page. Every time filter calculate new value, user will just refresh page.

Exist something similar how to show just PASSED & UNTESTED value?
Displaying a count of issues

If this function does not exist, can you make it for me :wink:


Hi Ales,

That’s great to hear :slightly_smiling:

Regarding the issue macro/filter: such a plugin is currently not available for Confluence but you can use the TestRail for JIRA add-on to implement something similar in JIRA. The TestRail for JIRA add-ons would add two new panels to the issue page, one for displaying test results and a second for the test cases. This looks as follows:

I hope this helps!



Hello Tobias,

Thank you for your help.

I really appreciate.




You are welcome, Ales! Glad to hear that this helped :slightly_smiling:




I ready like the ability to show Projects in confluence. Is it possible to break it down further and show individual milestones or Test Plans?