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How to show all results without paginator in Jira Testrail plugin,


I add the photo below and want to know is it possible to show all results in one page without paginator?



Thanks for your posting. The result list is currently limited to 5 results per page but it’s planned to look into providing customizations options for this. We limit the number of results because the panel is embedded in JIRA and the plugin shouldn’t use the entire screen space (as it’s only one part of the issue page) but we will make sure to make this more flexible with a future version.

Thanks again!



In jira there is that function on screenshot(“I dont know how it calls in english”)

Or maybe make function show all


Yes, it’s planned to look into this and I really appreciate your feedback on this!



So is it changed or not?


Hello Vevodin,

Not yet but it’s still planned to look into this. An option for showing all results would be a bit problematic because there may be hundreds or thousands of results but showing more than a few results would certainly be a good option to have. We are happy to look into this for a future version and thanks again for your feedback!