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How to set user specific environments


How can administrators set user environments so when a bug is pushed to JIRA the environment is also posted. We are currently setting the environment manually via a drop-down when adding results…but this isn’t ideal for a test run that has many results being logged, the tester has to choose the environment every time (Same issue with selecting versions).



Hi there,

Thank you for the post. At this moment in time, TestRail would not allow you to directly have a default value set for a JIRA field when pushing a new defect. That being said, TestRail and the defect plugins automatically remember any previously selected values (for each project and user). So if you are using the same environment, this would make setting the environment easier.

It is planned to look into this for a future release of TestRail but we are not sure when this would be added.


Thanks for the reply, to clarify I just need the user on TestRail to have a set environment that is attached to each test result. In the event that there is a bug found then that environment would be pushed to JIRA along with the results.

So I would assume on the admin panel for TestRail under the user/settings there would be an environment field that can be populated with different default values that can be set…



Thanks for your reply! Can you share an example of what type of environment values you’re using with this field? If this is for platform environments (e.g. browser, operating system, device, etc), then TestRail wouldn’t handle this on a user level and wouldn’t generally require a separate custom field for this. You can manage your environments when using TestRail’s test plan configurations (which creates a separate test run per environment/configuration), and you can learn more about how this works on our website here:

In this method, any result that you enter for a linked defect or reference would include the environment/configuration in the title already when viewing this via the TestRail for JIRA add-on in JIRA.

You can also add default values on a global level for various field types, and this would also be supported for dropdown fields as well. You can simply edit the field and under the projects and options section, click edit next to the option and choose the default value for the field. This would be set globally and you wouldn’t be able to set this on a per-user basis.

Hope this helps!



AH! That was it (adding the configuration), thank you for your help guys. Now we don’t have to choose the environment for every result…



Hi there,

Thanks for the follow up post. Glad to hear Marco was able to help you out and things are working much more smoothly for you.