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How to set up rally testrail integration for defect plugin



I tried to set up Rally integration for defect plug in.
When tried to push the defects I get following error:
Plugin “Rally” returned an error: Workspace “XXX” not found. Please enter a valid Rally workspace
What exactly workspace to be entered?could you please help?


Hi preeti,

Thanks for your posting. You need to specify the Rally workspace in the integration settings in TestRail where you configured the Rally integration (usually Administration > Integration in TestRail). If you have multiple workspaces you want to integrate with, you can also configure the integration separately per TestRail project under Administration > Projects > edit a project > Integration.

I hope this helps!



Thanks Tobias for a quick reply.
I have tried configuring the workspace name in the rally integration settings in Testrail(Administration->Integration) as below. But I am seeing exception with workspace while trying to push defect.

Defect view url:

Defect Plugin:

; Please configure your Rally connection below.
; Note: requires Rally API v1.40 or later.


Hi preeti,

Thanks for the additional details! You would only need to specify the actual Rally address and not the full URL for the dashboard, for example. This should look as follows:


Could you also try to select the Healthcare workspace in Rally in case this isn’t currently the active workspace?