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How to set test run order of



I’m currently getting familiar with TestRail.

Is there a way to organize the test runs sequence? Let’s say my testing sequence is Feature A, then Feature B then Feature C. Then, I change my mind and decide that the tester should start by Feature C. How do I modify the sequence of the test runs ?

I haven’t seen anything allowing me how to do this in Testrail.

Thanks in advance


Hi Bruno,

Thanks for your posting. When you say you want to rearrange the sequence of your tests, do you mean changing the actual order of the test cases? If so, you can simply rearrange test cases and sections via drag&drop. To do this you can drag the little ‘grip’ icon next to the test cases here (left of the checkboxes):

You can also move multiple test cases by checking multiple checkboxes first. You can also copy test cases via drag&drop by pressing the Shift key before and during the drag&drop operation.

I hope this helps.



Hi Dennis,

Thanks for the answer. But this is not exactly what I want to do. What you’ve mentioned above is the ability to re-arrange test cases. I would need the same capability for the test runs from the “Test Runs & results” page. Is this possible?

Why am I asking that? we want to schedule in advance the entire work for our SQA department. Each QA technician will go in the test run page to see what he had to test. He will start by the first item listed, then move down to next item in the list We would like to have the ability to change this order of testing. For example, if the next item to test is “test B”, I would like to be able to tell the QA technician to “test C” instead of “test B”.

Let me know if this is possible.



Hi Bruno,

Thanks for your feedback. While it’s not directly possible to rearrange the test runs on the Test Runs & Result tab, you can create a test plan and arrange the test runs within the plan as needed. Starting a test plan to plan your upcoming test runs is a good idea in general so this should work well.

To start a test plan (instead of a simple test run), simply select the Add Test Plan button from the sidebar of Test Runs & Results tab. A test plan can be used to start many test runs at the same time and the test plan also acts as another level to group test runs.

You can then add test suites (for the resulting runs) to the plan and rearrange the suites as needed. You can even select configurations if you want to start a test run for multiple configurations (such as operating systems or web browsers) at once.

I hope this helps.



Thanks Dennis.

What you’ve just described works fine. I’ll do more test.

Thanks again for the fast feedback.


This doesn’t work.
During the test preparation, sure, this is a good solution (or workaround, depending if you use testsuites for functional areas or for phases). But as soon as you assign testcases to individuals, the todo tab again sorts the testcases alphabetically.

I have user registration, login and logout testcases. Adding these to a test suite, automatically sorts then alphabetically (wrong, as registration should come before login). Adding them to a testplan, sorts them by sequence of adding (correct). But the tester sees the testcases again sorted alphabetically in his todo tab (and would start with login before registration).

This is a major showstopper for me. How can I resolve this?


Hello Joost,

The todo tab (and the test runs) use the same order as the test suites and you can freely arrange the test cases/tests in the way you like. Please make sure to reset the ordering/grouping on the test run page if you changed it to something else than the default section ordering (by clicking on the red X icon in the column of the test table). It could be that you’ve changed the ordering to the Title attribute if you see your tests/cases ordered alphabetically.