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How to set default assignee for existing test runs

Hello we have encountered an issue where we add a ‘test case’ to an existing ‘test run’ and it gets assigned to someone that is no longer with us. We cannot figure out how to change this behaviour i.e., set things up so that when adding a test case to an already existing test run the assignee field is blank.

Please note, we are using Testrail, there is NO assignee box in our ‘edit test plan’ screen.

There must be a way that we can configure Testrail to NOT assign newly added testcases?

Thanks in advance for your feedback,

Hi Reagan,

Thanks for the post! When adding test cases to a test run which was assigned to a user, TestRail would automatically assign these tests to the run’s original assignee.

If the user is deactivated under ‘Administration > Users & Roles,’ you can stop this behavior by editing the Test Plan, ensuring the test run is assigned to ‘Nobody’ (or a different user) and then saving the test plan. Any future tests added to the run should cease to be assigned to the former user.

If the issue persists, please send us screenshots of this behavior and additional details about your installation to so we can work to replicate this and investigate in greater detail.

Hope this helps,

Hello Jon,

Thank you for the quick response to my question.

I would like to edit the Test Plan and assign the Run to ‘Nobody’. However, I cannot seem to figure out how to do this.

This is what I am currently trying:

  • From ‘Test Runs & Results’ I see all of my Test Runs however, I do not see an Test Plans.
  • If I select a ‘Test Run’ then select ‘Edit’ I see a screen similar to the one that you use when creating a Test Plan. However, the only editable fields on the screen are Name, Milestone, Description, and Include all test cases or Select specific test cases. There is nothing here that allows you to modify Assignee.

I have attached a screen shot of what I see when I try to edit a Test Run. If I am supposed to be doing something else i.e., ‘Edit Test Plan’ can you point me to where the Test Plan live and how to edit it.


Hi Reagan,

Thanks for the feedback and I apologize for any misunderstanding. In TestRail 5.5, the option to edit a Test Run’s assignee was not available as a feature. With this version, you would be able to edit a test run which is part of a test plan, but not an individual run which is not part of a plan.

If you are able to upgrade to TestRail 5.6, you would be able to edit a run’s assignee. You can retrieve the latest version from your company’s customer portal account:

To upgrade, you basically just need to copy the new files over your existing installation and click through the database upgrade wizard. You should also make a backup of your existing TestRail database before upgrading. You can find the detailed upgrade steps here:

Please note that TestRail 5.6 requires PHP 7.0 to 7.2.x, so if your system is running an older PHP version, you would need to update PHP and your Ioncube loader file.

I hope this helps and please let me know if you have any further questions!